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SpaTempsTM is the on demand staffing solution for the spa industry that helps spa owners and service providers reduce stress, make more money, and build the business and career they always dreamed possible.

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Register and join SpaTemps today to access your free Toolkit complete with online tools like our income booster and revenue calculators!Susan, the founder of SpaTempsTM isn’t just someone with the latest ‘fabulous idea’.  She is a spa owner and industry expert that has experienced the same struggles as you.  Susan is a wife and mother of two, and knows first hand the massive financial burden and stress around running a successful business.  After realizing the many common problems that can affect the spa industry, she created  SpaTempsTM , a platform of solutions for all of the problems that plague this industry and so many spa owners alike.  SpaTempsTM is a tool that can help reduce everyday landmines in scheduling and booking, enhance your team’s skills, and turn profits like you’ve never experienced, all while significantly lowering your stress level! It will also help your service providers earn more money, maximize their time and take control of their career. Your business and your career are not just ‘that’, they are your life and they affect everything you do. At SpaTempsTM, we know you only live once, so why not seize every opportunity you have to be successful and fall back in love with your business!

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