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Maybe you’ve already got your spa business up and running, or you’re still thinking about opening a spa – there’s one question you’ll never stop asking yourself as a spa owner: How do I make more money?!

 I’ll let you in on a little secret. 

After many many stressful months of my spa business NOT generating as much revenue as I would’ve liked, I had a realization. The key to making more money isn’t just about bringing in new business, but getting MORE business out of your existing client list. 

But what’s the difference?

Well, the common misconception here is that once you successfully convert a client into a transaction… the job is done. 


In reality, you generate A LOT more money just from taking your existing clients through your sales funnel over and over again!

Your existing client list is very valuable.

A successful spa marketing strategy focuses on retaining existing clients just as much as attracting new clients. Another bonus? It costs you absolutely NOTHING to leverage your existing client list to get new transactions out of it!  

Compared to the average person, the people on your existing client list are definitely more likely to buy. Since they’ve already been converted into a customer in the past or shown enough interest in what you do to have ”opted-in” to your list, we know that they’re already familiar with your brand, they trust it, and they like the services or products you have to offer. 

So use this information to your advantage!

Sales funnels and list building in your spa business

Speaking of sales funnels, it’s really important that you come up with a good one for your spa business.  When you have an effective sales funnel created for your business… it not only brings in more sales consistently, it’s also automatically growing your list every single day.  When you have a sales funnel in place you can also leverage that sales funnel to get old clients coming back more often.  Not sure how to do it? Check out How to Consistently Get More Clients and Make More Money in Your Spa Business where we get into how to create the right one for your business.

Leveraging my existing client list completely transformed my spa business!

To give you a better idea of what leveraging your existing client list can do for your spa business, here’s my personal experience:

So back in February after we had recently hired a new employee and we really wanted to make sure she had a full schedule. So what we did was turn to our existing client list. 

Did it work?

 You betcha!

 In only 24 hours, we had successfully booked $1600 worth of appointments for the next couple of weeks! How amazing! 

So what did I do? 

I created an irresistible promotion. 

As a spa owner or someone that’s just thinking about opening a spa, you need to know how to run a successful promotion. This will make or break your business!

It’s really important for you to understand that a promotion isn’t just a promotion. You don’t just slash your prices and expect that all this money will start rolling in. You’ve got to work for it! A promotion won’t do much for your spa business if you don’t have an effective sales funnel to back it up. 

Forget about NOT making any money, you might even lose some. 

So how does this relate to capitalizing on your existing client list?

Whenever you run a promotion, the people that this will appeal to the most are called the ‘deal hunters.’ In other words, these are the people that really can’t pass up on a deal. And we (as spa owners) LOVE them because you can always count on them to fill any vacancies in your schedule!

Let’s take a closer look at your existing client list

There are 3 types of people on your existing client list:


1.     Deal hunters 

These are the people who love deals. All deal. Any deals.  So many of us have been trained to think that these types of people are toxic to our business. Well… I LOVE them because you can always count on them to fill up your schedule! 

2.     Methodical spenders 

These are the clients that don’t care that much about a deal. They already know what they want and they’ll come in and buy on their own terms. What they do love is knowledge, information, advice and helpful tips.  They want to know all of the things before they had their credit card over.  

3.     Watchers

These are the clients that don’t interact or engage that much with your emails. But they’re always keeping an eye out for something that might interest them.  You may get discouraged by the ”watchers” not engaging with you but there’s a lot of potential here. Remember, it’s easy for people to unsubscribe… if they’re still on your list it means they’re still interested! 

So who are we trying to appeal to? ALL OF THEM. 

Yes, you want a combination of all 3 on your list because all of them make some sort of contribution to the growth of your business in terms of revenue. Each one of them is key players in your sales funnel because there’s ALWAYS a way to pull them in and successfully convert them into customers. I’ve used this approach to bring back lost clients (the watchers) that haven’t even visited my spa in 3-4 years AND converted them into members! 


Focus on engaging with your existing client list


Reinforce the connections you make with each and every client by keeping them engaged through your marketing channels: Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and your email list. 

The key here is to get them excited about your brand! Keep in mind that it’s not about promoting your brand but fostering the existing relationships you have with your client list. Try to push out content that really gets them excited to hear from you. Create content that adds value and when you do mention a promotion… be strategic about it… and of course, make it irresistible. 

We’ve discovered the right formula for our audience and therefore people are actually excited to see us in their inbox. I’ve even had people tell me how much they look forward to our emails because they know there’s always something exciting inside. 

This is a great feeling. 

How to take advantage of your email list 

 At one point or another, you’ve probably asked yourself whether email marketing was still a thing? Yes, it is! 

Email marketing is actually one of the most popular marketing channels out there. Because, if you really think about it… who doesn’t have an email account?

There are a number of ways to be creative about how you can leverage email to work to your advantage.  

Here are 4 great promotional opportunities that are often overlooked:

  1.     Booking email
  2.     Confirmation email
  3.     Follow-up email
  4.   Weekly valuable content 

You can easily automate these 4 types of emails to present clients with irresistible offers, relevant upsells, pre-booking incentives… or just about anything you can think of. 

Booking Email

When you email a client to let them know everything is all set, this is the perfect opportunity to give them more information on how they can prepare for their treatments, along with any potential upsells you could throw in there. 

The best part is that you can easily automate the entire process by getting set up with an emailing system! 

Confirmation Email

Don’t underestimate the confirmation email. Besides confirming their appointment, this is a great time to remind them about all the other things they might want to get done while they’re there… and all they have to do is contact you so you can add it to their session!  

People are busy. Use this to your advantage. Chances are, they wouldn’t mind getting a brow wax, nail polish change, or even an eye treatment done since they’re already there! 

Follow-Up Email

Here’s where you ask them for feedback about their experience and you drop a link so they can leave you a review. But use this as an opportunity to let them know about other premium offerings you have to offer them or another one of your irresistible offers. 

Weekly Valuable Content 

Clients will connect with your brand on a more personal level when you send out valuable content consistently (on a weekly basis). Think of this as a form of communication between your brand and your existing client list where you can continue to build that relationship and get them to trust you! 

Time to get started!

How do you get their email address? 

The next time your clients are calling in to book an appointment, try to grab their email. It’s as easy as letting them know that they’ll receive more details on how to prepare for their appointment, directions to your spa, or even how it makes the entire confirmation process much simpler. Emphasize how this makes things more convenient for them. 

When people call in for general inquiries, let them know about the perks that come with subscribing to your email list! 

Use an intake form to capture emails. Allow people the option of opting-in for the specific type of emails they want to receive from you. For instance, deals, offers, information regarding their appointments. 

It’s not about spamming your list…

No matter when or how you ask them for their email, make it clear to them that it’s not about spamming their inbox with promotions but you’re trying to make their life easier. Besides simplifying the booking process, it’s a great way for you to send them helpful tips or just to keep them in the loop with the next HUGE deal. 

You really have to maximize every single opportunity you have to keep pulling people back to your business! 

Inside of #SpaBoss University, I will teach you how to build the perfect sales funnel for your business that is the perfect blend of an automated sales process and delivering the best human experience possible all while ensuring consistent and predictable cash flow. Want to learn more about the most powerful marketing and sales tool for your spa? Learn more about #SpaBoss University here

About the Author: Susan O'Sullivan

Susan is a spa owner and a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur. She chases dreams full time and aims to empower the people around her to do the same. She has been through all of the highs and lows that this crazy spa industry has to offer and it is her mission to smooth the path for other spa owners and pro’s on a similar journey.

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