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Calling all professionals in the spa industry!

Whether you’re a spa owner, aesthetician, or anyone else who’s just genuinely interested in igniting their inner #SPABOSS, I’m super excited to announce that we’re holding a live training session in a city near you!

You’ll get the opportunity to network with many other professionals in the spa industry and to learn some tips and tricks from industry experts!

I had my own fair share (by that I mean a landslide) of obstacles on my journey in the spa business and I only wish that I had access to these types of resources within the spa community early on in my career!

As a spa owner and the founder of, I’ve learned A LOT about the business in general and what I could’ve done a lot better if I had the chance to go back in time!

After owning my own spa for 5  over 6 years, I decided to launch SpaTemps, an automated subscription service that connects spa owners to service providers in real time, and a platform that provides advanced training, workshops, and seminars that aren’t already out there (yes, shocking) for our spa community!

To give the spa community a full package resource, SpaTemps and #SPABOSS work hand in hand to provide spa owners and professionals in the beauty industry with a one-stop-shop for all resources and tools to position yourself for success!

The amount of information out there is truly overwhelming. With #SPABOSS, I want to help you find the simplest solution to achieve profitability and to build a successful business out of what you love doing. I want to cut out all of the noise and really narrow down the focus of what you really need to do in order to achieve your goals in the shortest amount of time!

So come join us for our next event in a city near you!

You’ll learn how to grow your income, maximize your earning potential, how to find your passion in the spa biz, AND you’ll be going away with a FREE SWAG BAG full of awesome goodies!

And if you absolutely can’t make it to this event, don’t worry because we’re going to be holding training sessions across the US and Canada!

So we need to know from YOU where you want us to go NEXT!

Pre-register now for the next event we’ll be holding in a city near you!

What to expect at our #SPABOSS training events?

At our upcoming training events, we’re going to be offering both spa owners and service providers with the resources and tools to bring passion and prosperity into your lives, your careers, and your businesses!

In other words, we’re going to show YOU how to make more money doing what you love!

And how to effectively do it so you DON’T have to sacrifice your time, your money, or your sanity!

For spa owners, we’re going to be providing you with advice, expert tips, and a guide on how to leverage your passion into a lucrative business venture!

What you can expect if you are a spa owner:


You will learn how to…


  1. How to Follow The Core Entrepreneurial Framework that Transformed My Life and Business

  2. Become a Lead Generating Powerhouse by building a marketing machine that generates you leads while you sleep

  3. How creating a Rockstar Brand Persona and shifting your Mindset will render Your Competition Powerless for Good


With the RIGHT STRATEGY and ACTION STEPS you can be living your dream lifestyle in no time.

What to expect if you’re an aesthetician or a spa service provider:

1. How to reverse engineer your dream career AND life to set yourself up for success!
2. How to sell more by not selling at all! We’re taking the fear out of selling with a simple 5 step solution.
3. How to create a ROCKSTAR brand persona and eliminate your “just an employee” mentality!


You’ll learn how to make 10X your current income!

For spa owners, you can also look forward to:

  • Spa owner success planner
  • 12 step blueprint for building a raving loyal fanbase
  • Irresistible Promo Planner

For aestheticians and spa service providers, you can get excited about:

  • Service provider success planner
  • Success calculators
  • 12 step blueprint to building a raving loyal fan base

Attendees at the Toronto #SpaBoss event got their very own SWAG BAG will also included featured products from our sponsors!  If you haven’t heard of them… you need to so here is a peak of what was inside…

Truvi Beauty & Co.

Founder of Truvi Beauty & Co., Anna D’Amore is THE professional brow guru, skincare specialist, master makeup artist, medical aesthetician, and product formulator. Truvi Beauty Bar is the ultimate one-stop-shop located in Niagara Falls whether you’re looking for professional beauty services or to shop in-house products!

Her skincare line is phenomenal and she is committed to creating products that are free of parabens, dyes, chemicals, and toxins! Her devotion to simplifying skincare is evident in her remarkable formulations, such as her 24 Hours Bio-Clear Moisturizer which features a blend of Organic Willow Bark, Clove essential oil, Organic Juniper, and Organic cayenne pepper!

Inside your SWAG BAG: Natural & Certified Organic Lip Treatment

Browse Truvi Beauty

Face Addiction

Founder, Nicole Fisico set out to find an effective solution to solve a frustrating scenario that we’re all no stranger to as spa owners. You carry an awesome product line with fantastic results, but the products aren’t exactly flying off the shelf.

Face Addiction makes it easy for spa owners to eliminate the issue of overstocking on inventory with skincare products that are affordable, eco-focused, and yield amazing results through their botanical formulations!

With 2 years of intense research and working with a Toronto-based chemist and manufacturer to bring Face Addiction to life, her commitment to creating proudly Canadian skincare products that are both healthy and affordable is exceptional!

I’ve included this line in my offerings for over 2 years and my clients love it!

Inside your SWAG BAG: 1 or a Combination of Fresh body cream, Clear body cream, Clear body cleanser, Protect Elixir

Browse Face Addiction  

Laboratoire Dr Renaud

A leader in cosmetology for over 50 years, Laboratoire Dr Renaud is a must-have product line to carry at your spa. Committed to creating the highest performing products by merging dermatology and aesthetics, their products deliver results!

Browse Laboratoire Dr Renaud

Inside your SWAG BAG: Super Serum and skincare samples


Intercosmetics has been a one-stop-shop for the esthetics and spa industry since 1970. You can count on Intercosmetics as your beauty supplier for the best quality in products with the most affordable prices!

But that’s not it.

Intercosmetics has a team of professionals who are more than willing to offer their expertise through consultation and technical support to their clients in setting up a new spa business.

I’ve relied on Intercosmetics as my go-to everything from day 1 of my own spa venture!

Browse Intercosmetics

Interested in becoming a sponsor for our live training sessions? Reach out to for more information!

Come join us for our next event! Learn how to build a successful career in the spa biz, network with industry professionals during this game changing training!

I’m super excited to meet all of you at our next live training session!

I can’t wait to share with you the 3-step entrepreneurial framework that helped me transform my business and actually love my life again!

With a simple shift in your mindset, you’ll see for yourself that the sky is truly the limit when you take an entrepreneurial approach to your career in the spa industry!

All you have to do is pre-register, come mingle, make connections, learn insider tips from experts in the spa biz, and go home with your free Swag Bag full of featured products and other goodies from our sponsors!

Pre-register for a training event we’ll be holding in a city near you!

About the Author: Susan O'Sullivan

Susan is a spa owner and a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur. She chases dreams full time and aims to empower the people around her to do the same. She has been through all of the highs and lows that this crazy spa industry has to offer and it is her mission to smooth the path for other spa owners and pro’s on a similar journey.

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