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We Get It Because We’ve Been There

The Problem

We get it…
You are struggling with the feeling of being underpaid, undervalued, unmotivated and out of control in your own career, often feeling like you aren’t reaching your full potential and that your career choice just might not be what you signed up for. 

The Solution

We have a solution…
SpaTempsTM is an online platform that connects service providers with spa owners that need help. This gives service providers the opportunity to make more money and the flexibility to decide when they work, for how long and for how much. They can choose to do this in their down time, on a part or even potentially on a full time bases.

Who Does This Work For?

  • Aestheticians
  • Registered massage therapist
  • Nail technicians
  • Medical aestheticians
  • Make up artists
  • Hair removal technicians
  • Eyelash technicians
  • Bodyworkers
  • And more…


“We are transforming what a career in the spa industry looks like. Providing opportunity for spa professionals to make more money, regain control over their time and love what they do again.”

-Susan O’Sullivan,  SpaTempsTM Founder

Register and join SpaTemps today to access your free Toolkit complete with online tools like our income booster and revenue calculators!How does it work? A Brief Overview

  • Complete your profile with everything a Spa Owner would love about you. Your education, qualification, work experience, years in the industry, product knowledge etc.
  • Spa Owners post opportunities looking for service providers with specific skill sets, experience etc. If you meet those criteria, you are able to apply for that opportunity.
  • You also have opportunities to boost your profile so you can become visible to more Spa Owners – depending on your membership.
  • Once a match has been made, a confirmation is sent to you with all of the pertinent information you need to know.
  • Arriving 30 minutes early you are be briefed so you feel 100% comfortable.
  • No exchange of cash is required as it is managed instantly by SpaTempsTM using a secured payment processor!
  • At the end of the services, you are asked to write a review about the SpaTempsTM Spa Owner to ensure accountability and that it was a positive, professional work environment setting you up for success!
  • Due to the fact that there is no long-term commitment if either party are unsatisfied with their experience they can choose not to connect with that business or individual in the future.

As soon as you pre-register, we send you everything you need to know to maximize your experience using SpaTempsTM.  Plus everything that will set you up for success using SpaTempsTM, will also set you up for success in your business in general.

Become a SpaTempsTM Master Aesthetician

When Spa Owners hire an aesthetician their main concerns are: Are they qualified? Do they know our products? Are they trustworthy? Will they be professional?  Will they represent our brand well? We listened and decided this…

We are hand-selecting our first master aestheticians and brand ambassadors so we can showcase them to our spa owners which will build trust in SpaTempsTM and the SpaTempsTM service providers right from the beginning. We are recruiting top Aestheticians to represent our brand in the best possible way.  Positive, professional, reliable and highly skilled are just a part of what we are looking for in our Master Aestheticians.

What’s in it for you?

  • You will be featured and promoted on the SpaTempsTM website
  • You will be the first to be selected by top spas in your market
  • You will be the first to establish your SpaTempsTM reputation and therefore increase the number of opportunities you get which will broaden your bottom line
  • You will be the first to access our referral program that allows you to recruit both service providers and spa owners on our behalf and reap the financial benefits to do so
  • Expert in your field? You will be the first to apply to be a SpaTempsTM approved trainer and be able to host exclusive training events to your fellow service providers

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Why Pre-Register?

Pre-register now so we can start matchmaking spa owners and service providers in your area.  The ratio of spa owners to service providers in each city has to be just right – so space on our roster is limited, by pre-registering you are securing your spot before the other guy does.

There is absolutely no obligation and no payment information required when you pre-register. 

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