Service Providers FAQs

  • How will I be able to build a clientele?

    SpaTempsTM can be utilized as a way to gain work during your down time, but eventually will build up your clientele and possibly become a full time opportunity in the future.

    As your clientele builds you can decide when and whether you are ready start requesting rooms or service stations and book at to your ideal locations.

    This is a great way to offer your clientele a spa setting, while working on your own independent schedule.

  • Will I be able to do this full-time?

    The more training you do, and opportunities you take on, the higher your ratings will be and therefore you will become more desirable and sought out by Spa Owners.  Maintaining this means you can turn this into a full time gig even sooner. It is really up to you!

    You also have the ability to boost your profile for a small fee making your profile more visible to the entire community.

  • How will I know the protocols of the Spa's I will be working with?

    While it is typical for spas to offer a wide range of services for their clientele, there are select services that will have protocols and require a certain level of consistency from spa to spa.

    Skincare lines often have consistent protocols for their products and services making it easy for service providers that have undergone their training to confidently replicate that service in your spa.

    Our skincare partners also make training available to our SpaTempsTM service providers.

    You will have the opportunity to read over service details on your Spas profile prior to working with them.  Once you are confident you can perform the service, you will sign-off and accept the position.

  • What if I have a noncompete contract in my current place of employment?

    While this is a bit of a road block, it’s not a complete deterrent.  Often times it is a matter of being open and honest with your current employer and having a conversation with them about it.  They may surprise you and be completely in favor of it.  If you explain why you want to do it, that you aren’t looking for employment elsewhere, that you’d like to increase your income without putting all of the burden on them to give you a raise, they may see it as a plus and a way to save money.  It’s important to open the discussion!

  • How will I get my tips and retail commission?

    It is highly recommended that any tips and or retail commission are paid onsite via cash, check or other method of payment.

  • How will I be paid?

    SpaTempsTM uses the easy to access payment applications, Braintree and Stripe.  Both of these apps allow you to directly deposit into your bank account.

  • How would I know that the places that I'm going to are reputable?

    SpaTempsTM screens Service Providers and Spa Owners alike to ensure that they meet our standards and the standards of our community.

    SpaTempsTM enrolls and empowers both parties to be completely accountable, and we have created a built-in rating system that takes place after each opportunity, to ensure standards are upheld.

  • Will I need insurance?

    Yes, you will need to provide your own insurance.

  • What will the application process look like?

    Step 1: Pre-register
    Step 2: Online Application
    Step 3: Upload documents (certifications, diplomas etc.)
    Step 4: Provide references
    Step 5: Upload video introduction
    Step 6: Skype interview may be required
    Step 7: You’re In!

  • Will I be able to become a SpaTempsTM approved trainer?

    Yes!  If you are an expert in your trade or a specific service, you can apply to become a SpaTempsTM approved trainer, which will give you additional work in your area of expertise. 

  • How will I balance this with my current work schedule?

    You can post availability and coordinate around your existing work schedule.  With SpaTempsTM you can work as little or as much as you’d like.  There are no limitations.


  • What if I have to cancel last minute?

    This is highly discouraged and is a big reason why SpaTempsTM was created.  We say avoid this at all costs but if an emergency does come up, notify the spa with as much time as possible so they can find a replacement.

    The spa owner will still be required to provide feedback on their experience with you, so by providing less than 48hours notice may affect your overall star rating and ranking when it comes to receiving new opportunities.