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Whether we like it or not, you MUST prioritize social media in your marketing strategy… if you want to keep up with the competition! Truthfully, people will always judge a book by its cover when it comes to business.


A strong social media presence will make a huge difference for your spa. It reassures prospective clients that they can trust your brand!


It can make you relatable, desirable and front of mind when they are ready to buy


What do I mean by a strong social media presence? You don’t need to have 10,000 followers (or even 1000) to have a strong brand. The key is to know how to create great social media content consistently and to make it easier for your clients to communicate with you!


In this day and age, promoting your brand once or twice a month through your social media accounts isn’t going to cut it. By nailing your social media strategy, you’ll notice an entirely new realm of opportunities that’ll allow you to maximize your spa’s earning potential!


One misconception that I see happening so often is spa owners not having posted in a month and a half and then posting a promotion out of the blue and get incredibly frustrated when it doesn’t get the likes, comments and shares they expected… therefore not leading to sales. 


We will be diving into all of this further but know this… social media is the long game but a game worth training.  


If you’re not completely familiar with social media marketing, it could feel pretty daunting at first.  In fact, it is one of the top struggles spa owners say they face.   


You might even find yourself thinking that you struggle with creating content, or that you struggle with creating content and showing up consistently.  Or perhaps, if you are good with creating content and staying consistent, you struggle with turning your social media into sales. 


I get it. 


To make things easier for you, I’ve created a 3-part Social Media Series that will help you create the perfect social media strategy for your spa and I have also created a cheat sheet that gives you 45 Days of Free Social Media Content that you can download here Each part of this series will focus on one of the 3 key components of the most effective Social Media strategy: content, consistency, and engagement.

So… let’s get started shall we?




  1. Do your research

First, you need to figure out who your target audience is. Be specific. Identify their age range, their likes, dislikes, needs, etc.


How do you learn more about your audience? Market research.


Study your existing followers and take a look at your current client list to identify who your ‘ideal client’ is. This is basically the type of client you’d like to attract more of to your spa!


Why is this important? Because if you know who they are…you will know what content to show them! A great way to get to know your target demographic is to set up some sort of questionnaire and to get your ideal clients to fill it out.


But to get people to actually take the time to give you quality answers, you’ll have to offer them something in exchange for their time. For instance, you might want to offer a percentage off of a service or some sort of promotion to get them excited about taking part in your questionnaire!



2. Create original and unique content

Generating unique content is invaluable to an effective social media strategy.


Why? There’s A LOT of content out there. And when it comes to social media, we’re dealing with short attention spans.


So the key here is to post content that you’re certain will immediately captivate your target demographic. You want to stop them in their tracks… so they throw a ‘like’ and a ‘follow’ your way, AND take the time to figure out where your spa is located to plan a visit!


The best way to do that is to create content that evokes emotion in your audience.  Make them laugh, think, feel.  Move them to want to take action.  Use visually stimulating images. You can find amazing free stock images using resources like or


The good news is that you don’t always have to use your own original content.  You can curate content from other brands and businesses that share your target demographic.  The content you post doesn’t always have to relate directly to the services you do. 


For example, women may come to you for skin care and beauty tips… but would they find value in you (a trusted resource) sharing “A Guide to Healthy Eating for Modern Women in the New Year”?  Absolutely.  Just remember give credit where credit is due. 


The main takeaway?


Create content that provides value to your audience and really gives them insight into who you are, what your business is about and don’t always be selling something directly… people don’t like to feel like they are being sold to.  Give them a reason to be loyal to you and our brand. 

3. Create an image for your brand

Next, create a visual identity and a brand voice for your business! Ask yourself how you want your brand to come across to existing and prospective clients. By having a clear vision of your brand and the image you want to promote, you have more direction to guide you in creating content for your social media posts!


Do you want your spa’s social media profiles to come across as witty and energetic? Or do you want to appeal to a more serious clientele with a more professional vibe? Ultimately, the type of content that you generate depends on the image you’ve decided to identify your brand with.


For example, the colors, font types, or images that you choose to post on ALL social media platforms should be consistent with your brand’s image.  To increase your following, you need to create a uniform content feed. Meaning you should always post content that is relevant to your brand’s image.


The best way to do this is to create a vision or a concept board for your social media where you can have a clear reference to the look and feel you want your brand to portray.  I personally love to create my vision boards and social media images.  



4. Find inspiration within your niche

Not sure how to get started? Draw some inspiration from the pros!


Take a look at the social media pages of other businesses or bloggers that either has the ‘look’ you’re going for or those with a large following from the type of audience you’re trying to attract – especially your competition!  While you can get inspirations from brands across the world… pay special attention to the local business in your area. 


When it comes to local businesses, you want to take a look at who is following them and who else they are following.  This will give them an idea of the kind of content you should be generating to appeal to your target audience. 


Pro tip: Pick up a magazine that has a similar target demographic to your brand! Draw inspiration from them for your own posts. Check out their content to get a better feel of what appeals to your target audience.


You can also check out their blogs, social media profiles, etc. Chances are, they’ve got experts handling their content! So you really want to pinpoint the special tactics that they’ve subtly incorporated into their posts to create a strong social media presence.


It’s a great idea to re-post content from other companies that your ‘ideal clients’ are already following.  Just make sure that these posts are relevant to your brand and will provide value to your content feed! If you’re re-posting content, don’t forget to pay credit to your source.


Make a note of everything! Whenever you come across a cool idea, take notes and compile a collection of screenshots you think would be helpful when you’re brainstorming new ideas for the type of content you want to push out. Pay attention to how the brands with a larger following are formatting their captions, which hashtags are popular for your niche, how often they’re posting … you get the point.


There are 365 days in a year which means… a lot of social media content just waiting to be produced.  So, any little inkling of inspiration that you get along the way… write it down! 


Side Note: Always use hashtags! But you need to put some serious thought into this. Because good hashtags will increase your discoverability.  In other words, if you use relevant and popular hashtags, this will extend your reach to a much larger audience! 


5. Breakdown your content into categories

The most important thing to remember about handling your social media? Nothing gets posted on a whim. Well, that’s usually the case for the most successful social media strategists. A lot of work goes into generating one social media post!


In lack of a solid game plan, social media can get pretty overwhelming. This is why I always separate my content into categories. For example, if I need to create 30 social media posts for the month, I break it down into 6 subcategories! With this approach, I can work on each category separately, and all I need to do is brainstorm 5 ideas for each category.


That sounds a lot less overwhelming, right?


And in all honesty, this makes handling your social media stuff a lot less time-consuming! This approach allows you to actually enjoy the task of curating content for your profiles, instead of having to worry about juggling your social media on top of running a thriving business.


Not sure how to organize your content into categories?


Based on my experience as a spa owner, here are some categories that make incredibly popular and effective social media posts:

  1. Health, beauty, wellness tips
  2. Highlight your services – show prospective clients what you can do for them!
  3. Talk about your products and how they bring value (the goal here is NOT to sell something, but to help people learn more about your products/services)
  4. Tell them funny facts that they didn’t know about you
  5. Inspirational posts
  6. Funny posts (people like it when you make them laugh)
  7. Special offers (but make sure it doesn’t sound like a sales pitch)
  8. Behind the scenes
  9. Ask questions or do a quiz
  10. Employee Highlights – introduce your employees and showcase their work! This will get prospective clients excited about booking an appointment with your staff
  11. A before and after of your services
  12. Thought of the day
  13. Holiday posts (there are many random ‘holidays’ or ‘special days’ throughout the month)
  14. Throwbacks
  15. Curated content (re-post relevant content from other people)


Do you see how easy it is? I just came up with 15 ideas for posts… so you could easily come up with 2 posts per category! Just make sure you’re always being authentic, personable, and relatable. Use these content ideas as a way to give your clients the answer to what they’re looking for.


If you want a more done for you option, then go ahead and download 45 Days of Free Social Media Content now!


ALWAYS have a call to action. In other words, get your following to engage with your posts by lowkey asking them to! For instance, “tap on the link in my bio” or “like this photo if you’re looking forward to the long weekend!” or “when was your last facial? Comment below!”.


Be authentic, be personable, be relatable. Don’t just spew facts – after a while, it gets pretty boring.  Experiment with different post lengths, posting at different times of the day, use a combination of stock and original photo’s etc. Use these content ideas as a way to be the answer your clients are looking for.  


Always have a call to action. Your content not only needs to be good… you need to ASK your following to engage with you.


Need some help getting started? Download our FREE 45 Days of content cheat sheet.


6. Engagement

Aside from posting great content, you need to engage with your followers. Always add a call to action to your caption or try to ask your followers a question.


Never think of your content as a sales pitch. Your ultimate goal is to create a social media presence that will help grow your brand. And you grow your brand by attracting genuine followers that will engage with your content!


You certainly don’t want to ever make your followers feel like you’re just trying to sell them something. Instead, you want your followers to connect with your brand by producing content that will strike a chord with your audience aka make them feel something.


The key here is to captivate your audience… to get them intrigued about your brand. So they actually take the time to follow your brand, which in turn will get them excited about dropping by and checking out the services your spa has to offer!


Take your social media to the next level!

Maybe you didn’t know BUT I offer social media and marketing strategies as well as social media management services to spas, and professionals in the beauty/health and wellness industry.  So many are thrilled to have this one time-consuming job off of their plate. Can you relate?


If you’d like to book a session with us to see if we’d be a good fit, book your discovery call here!


It’s completely normal for you to feel overwhelmed when you’re handling the social media for your own business. This is why many businesses will leave their social media to the experts!


Quite frankly, it’s a good idea to enlist help from outside sources to handle your spa’s social media!


Why? Well, think about it this way… you’d be saving countless hours that could be spent making more money working on clients!


That’s not it. Think about what a relief it’d be to not have to worry about a thing when it comes to social media, and to know that you have an expert handling everything!


Now that you have a better understanding of the basics in creating the perfect content strategy for your spa, stay tuned for Part 2 of our Social Media Series where I’ll focus on consistency!


Don’t forget I go LIVE on our Facebook Page every Wednesday at 10 am  EST so we can keep this conversation going and stay tuned next week when we are diving deep into HOW to stay consistent with your social media! 

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About the Author: Susan O'Sullivan

Susan is a spa owner and a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur. She chases dreams full time and aims to empower the people around her to do the same. She has been through all of the highs and lows that this crazy spa industry has to offer and it is her mission to smooth the path for other spa owners and pro’s on a similar journey.

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