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Put your hands up if you’ve ever been in a one-sided conversation. You know, when all someone wants to do is talk about themselves and you can’t get a single word in.


This happens pretty often… am I right? We can probably all agree that it’s not that much fun to be stuck in this situation and that the only thing on your mind is how you can make your great escape!


When it comes to handling your social media presence, the same sentiment stands true. You don’t want to be that person who’s rambling on. You need to engage and reciprocate the kind of engagement you want your social media to receive.


The best approach to take when you’re trying to build a stronger social media presence or to organically grow your following is to engage with your audience.


Don’t talk at them, talk to them.


An effective social media strategy is contingent on 3 key aspects: content, consistency, and engagement. Frankly, you can curate the best content feed, post as often as possible, but in lack of actually taking the time to engage with your audience… the entire thing is going to be an utter waste of time.

The main takeaway? Good content and consistency are merely the foundation of an effective social media strategy. But engagement is what will give you RESULTS.


Think of it time this:


Do you check out who’s liked or commented on your content or people who have followed you? Do you like it when it happens?  If you don’t recognize them do you naturally go and check them out?


If you can leverage that interest and spark conversation and… wait for it… create real relationships through your social media channels, that is where you can begin to turn your social into sales AND grow an engaged, loyal audience like gangbusters.  


What is engagement?


Engagement is about creating genuine relationships.


Today, connecting with a brand is easier than ever with social media. In the past, your direct experience with a brand was either in person or through a phone call. Things are incredibly different now.


With social media, the slightest interaction you have with someone through any of your social media profiles will be a direct customer service experience for your existing or prospective clients!


By taking the time to enhance engagement through your social media profiles, it increases brand loyalty. And this, in turn, will lead to more business for your spa. It’s reported that customers actually prefer to engage with brands through social media!


Engagement is when your content resonates with your audience AND you take the time to establish a meaningful connection with them! When it comes to content, your ultimate goal is to push out content that will leave an impression on your audience. To the point where they directly respond to it by leaving a comment, throwing alike your way, or choosing to follow you if they weren’t already!

Why is engagement important?


There’s no point in having a good content feed if no one’s looking at it.


So how do you get more people to look at your content? You engage with them!


It’s a cycle.


By really investing your time and energy into engaging more with your audience, this, in turn, will bring in more engagement from your audience!


Essentially, social media platforms make money by gaining more users and leveraging that popularity to sell ads. And to gain more users, these platforms will make use of algorithms to give their users a customized experience on their platform.


Most social media platforms implement an algorithm in their system to prioritize ‘meaningful’ content. Meaning, they show their users more of what they think they’d like to see!


Hence, if a lot of people are engaging with your content, these social media platforms will make your brand more discoverable. In other words, these platforms will actually help you extend your reach to a wider audience.


The main takeaway? If you want to ‘organically’ grow your social media presence, you’ll have to focus on being more active online and creating and inspiring thoughtful interaction from your audience.

The other thing to remember… getting the kind of engagement your heart desires, does not happen overnight.  So don’t go into it with unrealistic expectations.  Remember in our last article how we talked about the importance of consistency?  Well, it is the same for engagement.  You need to stay consistent and don’t give up. 


How to create engagement?


1. Call to action


Instead of just making a social media post, you also need to give your audience a bit of a nudge to engage with your content.


When you’re pushing out the content or making any sort of post online, you ALWAYS want to end off with a call to action.  Sometimes you have to ask for what you want and then when they actually listen and do as you ask, you have a clear way to track it.  


You can also use social media as a means to learn more about how you can improve your offerings to give your existing or prospective clients a better experience with your brand.


A call to action is when you ask them to do something. For instance, comment below, like this, share this post with your friends, drop an emoji if you agree, answer this, or buy this to treat yourself. Give clear, concise instructions for how you want your audience to engage with you!


It’s a great idea to post a question asking people to share their thoughts on something.  Although your goal here is to focus on interacting with your audience, you can also get people excited about your services or products by showcasing an irresistible offer.


2. Show your audience some love


Have you ever gotten a compliment from a complete stranger, and you instantly liked them THAT much more?


It’s the same thing with social media! When you engage with other people in a positive manner, it gives people an instant connection to your brand and it invokes a positive feeling.


Get your audience to engage with you, by engaging with THEM.


Abide by the 10x rule. For example, if you want to receive 1 like or 1 comment on one of your posts, or even if you’d like one of your posts to be shared, you need to put in the effort to do the same thing for your audience… by showing their content some love!


According to Sprout Social, 30% of customers are more likely to switch to a competing brand if they’ve had a negative experience with a brand through social media.


Engage in their content, DM people when they follow you and don’t be afraid to show their feeds some love! Do not use generic messages. Try to give them a personalized experience. Something as simple as a compliment or a reference to something you saw in their feed.  Let them know you are not just another one of those bots!


If people ask you questions, answer them ASAP. Keep in mind, social media users who choose to reach out to a brand with any questions through these platforms would ideally like to hear back within 4 hours!  


3. Quality over quantity


When it comes to social media, the biggest mistake that you can make is to focus too much on the numbers, and to let is serve as an indication of your brand’s success.


For small business owners, it’s natural for us to focus on the numbers to track the growth of our social media presence. But here’s the thing:


As a spa owner, your main priority is to get both your existing and prospective clients to engage with your posts, to like your brand and to be intrigued about what your spa has to offer, and to take the initiative to book an appointment or to buy products!


Essentially, it’s much better to have a smaller following of people that actually engage with your posts than a massive amount of followers. It’s meaningless to have 10k followers, if they’re stagnant and never engage with any of your posts.


NEVER EVER act like you’re making a sales pitch or reaching for a sale. You want people to actually like your content. And they like your content so much that they feel inclined to check out what you have to offer!  Eliminate the old school sales tactics and books your results using attraction marketing.  A.K.A. make them love you so much that they come to you.


To learn more about how to create the perfect content for your spa’s social media profiles, take a look at Is Social Media the New Store Front? Part: 1 How to Create Killer Content.


Start planning your social media schedule now!


Engagement is truly the last piece of the puzzle. A lot goes on when you’ve got your own spa to manage! But if you can take some time out of your busy schedule and devote this time to planning out a solid social media strategy that focuses on content, consistency, and engagement, you will see results!


My closing thoughts on the matter: If you want to turn your social media into sales… your #1 priority should be to use your social media to create genuine relationships and engagement is the single most important key to doing that easily and very effectively. So engage, engage, engage and when you think you’ve engaged enough…. engage some more.  Then see the difference the next time you ask for the sale. 


I truly hope that this 3-part Social Media Series has made the thought of handling your social media profiles a bit less overwhelming for you! It’s really just as simple as committing to a plan and shifting your focus on the 3 key elements in an effective social media strategy: content, consistency, and engagement.


Not sure how to get started? Our FREE 45 Days of Social Media Cheatsheet will help guide you through it AND keep you on top of everything!

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About the Author: Susan O'Sullivan

Susan is a spa owner and a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur. She chases dreams full time and aims to empower the people around her to do the same. She has been through all of the highs and lows that this crazy spa industry has to offer and it is her mission to smooth the path for other spa owners and pro’s on a similar journey.

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