Spa Owners

Are you as profitable as you need to be? 
Just making ends meet in your life and business?
Stressed and Overwhelmed? 
Trying to provide for your family?
Wish there was just one easy solution that can start helping you make a change?

We Get It, Because We’ve Been There

The Problem

We’ve lived through the constant struggle to stay afloat and one of the main issues was staffing.  The cost to hire, train, and let go of employees along with added costs in between can make or break your business.  The stress of living through high and low seasons while dealing with unexpected but inevitable last-minute staff shortages can be overwhelming.  You want to grow your business but can’t afford to hire more staff full or even part time, forcing you to turn away clients or do all the work yourself. You’re exhausted.

The Solution

SpaTempsTM is the first spa staffing solution of it’s kind. SpaTempsTM is an online platform that instantly connects spa owners to professional, qualified and verified service providers in real time and only as needed; allowing spa owners to increase profitability and scale their business, significantly decrease staffing costs and stress levels.  It is the spa owners built-in back-up plan and real life dream solution that will have the spa owner seeing results immediately when leveraged properly.

Who Does This Work For?

  • Day spas
  • Salon and spas
  • Mobile spas
  • Resort spas
  • Nail salons
  • Medispas
  • New startups
  • Spa expantions
  • And more…


It’s time to fall back in love with your business.
We have your back when nobody else does.

How it works, a basic overview

Access your free toolkit by registering for SpaTemps today!The Spa Owner portal allows you to post the pertinent information you require the service providers to sign-off on prior to performing any service in your facility including your policies, procedures and protocols, uniform requirements, a brief introductory, and breakdowns of the brands you carry etc.

Determine when you need additional staffing (today, tomorrow or in two weeks)

  • Create an opportunity from inside your dashboard that specifies exactly what you are looking for like years of experience, product knowledge, specific skill sets and overall star rating etc.
  • Only those that meet your criteria are able to see your opportunity and apply.
  • Once you’ve selected your preferred candidate, you hire them!
  • A confirmation is sent to the service provider that specifies date, time and any additional information you require them to know.
  • The service provider arrives 30 minutes prior to the start of their scheduled service to make sure the spa owner and service provider are 100% comfortable.
  • No exchange of cash is required as it is managed instantly by SpaTempsTM using a secured payment processor!
  • At the end of the services you are asked to write a review about the SpaTempTM Service Provider to ensure everyone is accountable and performing up to standard.
  • Do to the fact that there is no long-term commitment, if either parties are unsatisfied with their experience they can choose not to connect with that business or individual in the future.
  • You can build your own SpaTempsTM team, easily re-hire or send opportunities to specific providers.
  • Every time you take advantage of SpaTempsTM, it is money in your pocket!

As soon as you pre-register we send you everything you need to know to maximize your experience using SpaTempsTM. Plus everything that will set you up for success using SpaTempsTM, will also set you up for success in your business in general.

Why Pre-register?

Pre-register now so we can start matchmaking spa owners and service providers in your area. The ratio of spa owners to service providers in each city has to be just right – so space on our roster is limited, by pre-registering you are securing your spot before the other guy does.

There is absolutely no obligation and no payment information required when you pre-register. 

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