Spa Owners FAQs

  • Why would I want to pay someone more than I pay for my own staff?

    While regulations vary from state to state, province to province and country to country when it comes to spa staffing, there are many obligations from an employer to an employee vs. an employer to independent contractor.  In many regions it is required that when an employee is called in, they must pay that employee a minimum of 3 hours.  By following this, you will often be left with excess staff when not needed.  Yet, when you use an independent contractor, you are not obligated to follow these restrictions, and therefore can afford a premium rate for the hours that they are working.  By staffing employees independently as needed, you are ensuring your profits are not affected by the excess costs of a full time staff.

  • I don't know the people that would be coming into my business.

    You may want to consider how well you know your current staff, and how well your staff is consistently performing for you? 

    There is a small risk in hiring any employee, but with SpaTempsTM you have access to top Spa professionals in your area that are pre-screened, and often have reviews for you to reference prior to hiring them.

    You may also have the opportunity to host training in your facility if you prefer to meet them in person first to familiarize them with you, your team and your services.

  • What if they don't show up? How will we know they will show up on time?

    SpaTempsTM enforces accountability.  SpaTempsTM has very high expectations of both service providers and spa owners alike.  In order to ensure this, SpaTempsTM has a mandatory built-in rating system that ensures all of the key components of a transaction between spa owner and service provider are monitored.  Therefore, if a service provider does not show up, that service provider is risking a poor review, which will impact their ability to land more work. In addition, SpaTempsTM tracks such poor and no-show reviews and reserves the right to eliminate members that are not representing the company in the best way possible.

  • How will I know if the employee is qualified and able to follow our specific protocol?

    SpaTempsTM knows that you don’t just want anyone working in your spa, which is why we have a unique algorithm that allows you to only be matched up with service providers that meet your specific criteria.  You are able to set your criteria so that it will only match you up with service providers that have specific licenses, certifications, training, years of experiences, minimum star ratings, etc.

    As far as company protocol, as a SpaTempsTM Spa Owner, you will have the ability to upload your existing protocols to your profile for temps to review prior to accepting the job.

    To ensure employees are meeting your protocol, our suggestion is that in the beginning you select 3 – 5 of your most common services (pedicure, manicure, massage, facial, brow wax) and have those protocols in addition to your general protocols and brand standards (dress code, client greetings, retailing) in your profile.  As you get familiar with the SpaTempsTM  Service Providers in your area, you can add more services as you see fit.

  • How can I guarantee there will be someone available when I need them?

    While there are no guarantees, the more momentum there is in the marketplace the more likely there will always be someone available as you need them.

    SpaTempsTM aims to ensure an ideal ratio of Spa Owners to Service Providers at all times so the likelihood of someone being available is high.

    With a SpaTempsTM membership you can see at any time now or for a future date who is available.

  • What if I need to cancel a SpaTempTM?

    With 24 hours or more notice you can cancel a SpaTemp at any time. Cancelling with less than 24hrs notice will result in a last minute cancellation fee of $25.  We highly encourage our Spa Owners to enforce their in-house cancellation policies so they can maintain revenue consistency and not find themselves in a position to cancel or call off any staff or independent contractors.

  • I am a solopreneur, I have had bad experiences with staff in the past so why would I need SpaTemps?

    SpaTempsTM makes spa staffing an easy, streamlined process only as you need it, with zero commitment to any one individual.

    While working independently is a great business model for many Spa Owners and service providers, there are instances from time to time where you have requests for couple’s or groups that you would most likely have to decline.  Having a SpaTempsTM subscription membership would give you easy access to Spa Professionals making it easy for you to say YES in those instances.

    SpaTempsTM is also a great back-up plan if you find yourself in a position of needing to take personal time off but do not want to risk losing your clientele or compromising your revenue stream.

  • What if my staff decide to join SpaTemps?

    At SpaTempsTM we believe that in order to experience impactful change in your business, it will require some out of the box thinking.  There are so many “norms” and broken business models plaguing the spa industry and making it nearly impossible for the average spa to survive and thrive.

    While your staff joining, may seem like a deterrent, once you begin to experience the many ways in which SpaTempsTM can improve your businesses profitability you will quickly realize that it is not.

    It’s no question that what SpaTempsTM has to offer will be appealing to most spa industry professionals and your staff members will likely be no exception.  SpaTempsTM encourages our Spa Owners to look at this as yet another way to increase profitability by decreasing staffing costs.  If your regular staff can fill in the gaps in their schedule with SpaTempsTM , then you can take comfort in the fact that you are saving in staffing costs.

    Service providers will always crave consistent, reliable work in a business where they are treated well, paid well and can grow their clientele and thrive in their careers.  If you offer that, then you will retain your staff and be able to schedule them more effectively, making it a win-win for all.

  • What if they try to steal our clients or our "secret sauce"?

    The beauty about SpaTempsTM is the system naturally enrolls and empowers their Service Providers to operate with the utmost integrity.  Only those that do will thrive as a SpaTemp.  We mitigate this through our initial screening process, and though our on going feedback forms and rating system.

    You can be selective in the services you would utilize a SpaTemp for.  So any service that is considered especially unique to your business, you can reserve for only your regular spa staff.

    Remember to that is likely not your “secret sauce” that makes your business work for you but rather you that makes your “secret sauce” work.

  • My own staff isn't even fully booked why would I need SpaTemps?

    Red alert! Just the fact that this question is being asked is a red flag that you could be over paying in staffing right now.  If this is the case you must really look at what your essential staffing needs are and how you might be able to book more efficiently.

  • My staff rarely calls in sick... why would I need a backup plan?

    You will always need a back-up plan! 

    Even insurance often goes un-used, but it is never a good idea not to have it.   It is all about the peace of mind knowing that you will have it when you really need it.

    Plus, SpaTempsTM is much more than a back-up plan.  It is a resource to find reliable, educated staff quickly and efficiently, right when you need it!

  • Our clients won't be happy if they do not see the service provider they are expecting.

    While in some cases this may be true, in many cases it may surprise you.  Your clients’ time is extremely valuable, and depending on the service, they may prefer to see someone else rather then being rescheduled.  It will be up to them to decide.  There are also still many first-time or uncommitted clients that would be happy to see anyone.  Often clients prefer certain Service Providers because they are afraid that if with someone else they will compromise on quality.  If you can ensure that their replacement is skilled, and knowledgeable, than in the end, everyone is happy!


  • What happens if they get injured on the job? Who's Liable?

    All SpaTempsTM  employees are required to provide their own personal insurance.

  • How can we guarantee our clients aren't receiving second rate service?

    The beauty about SpaTempsTM is the system naturally empowers their Service Providers to operate with the utmost integrity.   This is why we offer our initial screening process, on going feedback forms, and rating system.

    If a service provider is only offering a second rate service, they will be weeded out quickly by the feedback and star rating they receive.

  • Does anyone do a background check to ensure their qualifications are legit?

    We require our SpaTempsTM to provide us with their professional certifications and submit an application with reliable references to ensure quality employees.

  • What kind of training is available with SpaTemps?

    We are always in search of partnering with new skincare brands that will make training accessible to our SpaTempsTM community.  We also recruit SpaTempsTM  certified trainers who are experts in their craft.

    Training in general may consist of skincare, product knowledge, service techniques, retailing and sales classes, marketing, book keeping, accounting and more.  If we find training that will be of service to our community we will make it readily available!

  • How will this affect our taxes?

    All SpaTemps are Independent Contractors that can be filed with a simple 1099 tax form.

  • How will we be invoiced for their services? Who and how do we pay?

    All payment is conveniently processed on the app through Braintree and Stripe, which can easily be transferred to any bank account.

  • What happens if a client no shows and a SpaTemp is already on site, do we still need to pay them?

    Unfortunately yes, but only for the time that they are there.  We encourage you to enforce your cancellation policy to help offset the fee’s resulting from a client not showing up.


  • How will it work if we want to rent our service rooms or stations?

    You can also post room availability through SpaTempsTM .  You are able to list all of the available amenities, and dates and times available to find qualified service providers that are interested working in your space as it is available.